What, How & Why



We offer our customers, complete turnkey service packages that include the sitework, concrete and utilities.


GeoShack keeps us up to date with the latest Topcon GPS Millimeter, GPS+, Laser and Sonic technology, along with Caterpillar late model equipment(supplied by HoltCAT) to provide the fastest, most accurate, dependable site-work and grading services in the construction industry.

We use CarlsonTakeoff 2017
, to build a 3D model of every project.  By doing so we have saved our customers thousands of dollars, by identifying potential design issues before the work is performed. The models also, give our customers the ability to see the “completed project”, before it starts or is built!

All of our operators know where they are on the job site and the exact cut or fill at the implement edge in “real time”, the complete project is displayed on the computer in the cab of the equipment.

The operator “never” has to question whether a stake was set in the correct location or correct elevation (because there are NO stakes).

This all but eliminates cut and fill errors, over using traditional layout methods!

This saves our customers not only survey staking and material cost, but more importantly “TIME”.  The 3D models show us the fastest and most efficient manner to move the material onsite.

While other contractors are waiting for the “Survey Crew”, to set stakes, “we are making grade”!

Our bids/estimates are more accurate, because we work directly with the engineering electronic data, by using this data we ensure the project quantities are correct.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and wide range of construction services to our customers. 

We don’t go by the industry standard tolerance of “+/- a tenth”(almost,two and a half inches), “we put it on grade, on time, first time, every time”!  Depending on ground conditions our goal is to hold a tolerance of +/- .250" or ½” and over 250,000 square feet per day, to your exacting specifications.

We can maintain a tolerance of +/- .125" or 1/4” if required.